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Cost: $25.00 per session



COMBO SESSION - any need or subject!

*Tutoring Assistance for I.E.P and 501

Our Scheduled Private Tutoring is created for you by you! Assessments are done every moment the knowledge seeker is practicing his or her skills. We provide a person-centered lesson that is based on the need and what the family desires. We provide the service in  a "pay as you learn" time frame. There are no enrollment fees, assessment fees or contracts. Our cost is low to create tutoring assistance for all and for when a person may need the practice the most. For the same cost of a meal, a knowledge seeker can consume a well-balanced knowledge session from Shopping for Knowledge.
(Sibling can be incorporated into a session at a reduced cost, yet focus is still on each person's need.)
Our Combo Session is a great tutoring choice for any family or need. The knowledge seeker will engage in the child-directed learning of his or her choice in the group express tutoring for the first hour; this helps create an easy transition to the next hour of learning for the one-on-one tutoring program created exclusively for him or her. 

Shopping for Knowledge, Inc.
Spanish Tutoring
 $25.00 Private or Group Tutoring (All Levels)
 $5.00 Spanish Summer Camp (Beginners)

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Thanks for helping me advance in my Spanish Class!

(All Ages and Classes)
Thanks for knowing the earlier I develop language skills the easier it is!

Thanks for helping me get an academic advantage!
Thanks for knowing learning Spanish also can help me understand English better!

Thanks for creating an increase opportunities for me to travel and expand my horizons for job opportunities!
Thanks for broadening my cultural capacity!

Thanks for making it easier to attend sessions at my choosing
 at an affordable price to acquire these high demand skill sets!

We want to thank you 
 present and future Spanish Seekers for joining us at Shopping for Knowledge, Inc.!