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"You are heaven sent!"

-New parent who has a business that has a fluctuating learning care need!

A day in December, there was a young four year old girl visited Shopping for Knowledge.  She worked on adding and subtracting numbers with dice and enjoyed the math game as we subtracted the cherries from our trees!  Since it was “math model” day, she created her very own stage! She added the number of seats, rows and amount to pay her actors! We learned about the very first movies ever made and found how many years ago the first color TV was created! She stated often, “This is fun!”      

Each child who enters Shopping for Knowledge enters with a mission to explore, learn and practice life's complexities!

We always love hearing the different names that they have given Shopping for Knowledge:

That Fun Place

Sand Mall

(He loves the moon sand.)

Surf's Up

(They love the balance balls and boards.)

Those Cute Little Ladies

(We have no men staff, yet.)

That Learning Place

​My School

Shopping for Knowledge

(We should have though of that - oh, we did!)

Thirsty for Knowledge

(We have the drinking cups marked this!)

The Toy Place

The Mall

(There is a whole new meaning for shopping! Learning!)

and many more that we probably do not know, yet!

Regular visiting siblings since we opened in December 2015 often say to their familia, “We got to go to the school!” One sibling is five and the other is three years old. They have been gaining knowledge in all of the core subjects! On one particular day, the older sibling was working on phonics and loved to teach the knowledge stocker. “To teach is to know.” What a wonderful way of showing the love of learning by teaching! That is our goal-positive, competence in learning!



Many children joined Shopping for Knowledge for a New Year’s Eve party! There were many learning projects from learning about time to creating a time capsule! We learned about gravity and space circumference as we tried to put beads into our shakers! Working on the marble paintings we found gravity never quits! What goes up must go down is what they found out to be true! We ended our day with the countdown watching the fireworks by our state of the art projection system!

Out of town visitors are coming to gain knowledge! As a boy was walking with his parents, he stopped dead in his tracks pointing to Shopping for Knowledge. As the child chatted to his parents, they came in. They asked, “What is this?” The child began to play. He knew what to do! Play, Learn and Explore! He stayed as his parents shopped!” This out of town knowledge seeker learned about gravity, force, fossils, earthquakes and the scientific labels for the colors of hot and cold!

An older brother and his younger sibling came in to Shopping for Knowledge as his parents went out to dinner. Our weeks focus was Social, Emotional and Health. The two were playing and creating elaborate stories on our puppet stage. They worked together setting up the props and creating the dialog. As I was observing their interactions the older boy turned to me with a puzzled expression on his face and said, "I am amazed how we are playing because we never get along like this!"